Guidelines for Public Protest

The right to dissent and to peacefully protest is an important part of a free society. The Arcadia Police Department is here to maintain order and protect the rights of all individuals. Our role is to work with all parties to assure that peace and order are maintained during the exercise of First Amendment rights of free speech.

The following is a list of Public Protest guidelines provided by the Arcadia Police Department:

DO... a spokesperson for your group to respond to media and police inquiries.

...designate a location adjacent to the protest scene to deal with media interviews.

...walk, picket, and protest from public property only.

...cross the streets at intersections on green lights and “walk” cycles.

...encourage your fellow demonstrators to obey the law.

...follow the directions of police officers.

...coordinate your protest/demonstration with police officials. (Advance notice will allow us to deploy sufficient personnel to keep the peace and protect the rights of all parties.)


...trespass on private property (602L PC, 4224 AMC).

...interfere with police officers performing their duties (148 PC).

...block or obstruct the entrance or exit of a business (4223 AMC).

...strike, spit upon, or throw things at anyone (240 PC, 242 PC).

...encourage others to violate the law (404.6 PC, 407 PC, 408 PC).

...remain present at an unlawful assembly (409 PC).

...impede vehicular traffic in the street (21950 VC).

...throw substances at vehicles (23110 VC).

...use loudspeakers or bullhorns (4620.1 AMC).

If there is any way in which we can assist you or answer questions regarding your planned protest, please call the watch commander at (626) 574-5150.

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