Brazen Robbery Foiled

Two juveniles chose the wrong location to target for a robbery yesterday.  Shortly before 11:00 am, the pair entered the Advantis Ride Shop in the 1000 block of South Baldwin and pulled out two "handguns", threatening and ordering an employee to the ground.  The employee, fearing for what may happen if he complied, grabbed one the weapons and forced it away from one of the suspects.  The victim struck one of the suspects and knocked him down, but was attacked by the second suspect with the butt of one of the weapons.  The suspects abandoned their robbery and fled with the employee giving chase.

An Arcadia Police Officer happened to pull into the parking lot near the Ride Shop and was flagged down by a witness.  Officers responded to the area and after a brief area containment, the suspects were found and detained.  The employee victim identified both juveniles who were taken into custody.  Officers located pieces of a broken replica handgun and other evidence at the scene.

The juveniles, 16 and 15 years old, both from Pasadena, were booked on felony charges of attempted robbery, false imprisonment, and assault with a deadly weapon.  The juveniles were transferred to the Eastlake Juvenile Detention Facility after booking.

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