Bicycle Patrol Launched

The Arcadia Police Department proudly launched a bicycle patrol unit yesterday as part of the operations deployment for Breeders' Cup at the Santa Anita Race Track.  The unit development was spearheaded by two of our detectives who have an interest in mountain biking and cycling.  At the direction of the department, they researched and contributed greatly to the molding of the program and procurement of the equipment.  Through some private donations and assistance of both Helen's Cycles and Rusnak here in Arcadia, the cost to begin the program was minimal.

The bike program will be staffed by APD personnel as an ancillary duty to there daily assignments and will consist of four, fully outfitted police bikes.  The use of bicycles instead of cars can make our police officers more easily approachable, will enhance the mobility and range of foot patrols, and the bicycles will be effective crime-fighting tools when used in densely populated or congested areas. The bikes are nearly silent in operation and many criminals do not realize that an approaching person on a bike is actually a police officer. Furthermore, if the criminal attempts to flee on foot, the riding police officer has a speed advantage while able to quickly dismount if necessary.

The Arcadia Police Department looks forward to utilizing the bike patrols throughout the year, not only enforcement details, but for deployment at many special events held here in Arcadia as well.

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