Congrats are in Order

City Clerk Gene Glasco performs the swearing in at a ceremony held yesterday honoring two new officers and a recently promoted sergeant.  Officers Elders and Tafoya (left and center) have completed field training and are now working as patrol officers.  Officer Elders started his career with the Arcadia Police Department as a Police Cadet several years ago.  He was hired as an officer and graduated from the police academy earlier this year.  Officer Tafoya comes to us as a lateral police officer having worked as a deputy sheriff with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department for the previous two years. 

Sergeant Cieadlo has been utilized as an Acting Sergeant for the last year and his promotion was formalized in September.  He has been with APD for over five years now and is also an active member of our SWAT team.

Congratulations to Officers Elders and Tafoya, and to Sergeant Cieadlo.

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