Continuing on through Tragedy

Our thoughts and prayers continue for all touched by the tragedy in Newtown.  As stated last Friday in an APD Facebook post, safety at our schools is always a priority with the Arcadia Police Department and all law enforcement. Our officers are trained and equipped to respond to situations involving active shooters and other threats similar to this senseless violence. While we cannot change what has occurred, we always prepare for the future. Hug your kids, talk with them, and reassure them...

Increased patrols were visible and continue at Arcadia schools.  The following comment came through the City online portal and has been shared with our staff.  The feedback is very much appreciated and we would like to share this parent's voice with the community.

"I am a parent whose children go to Baldwin Stocker Elementary School. I want to thank you for sending police officers to check on the school after the news of mass shooting in Connecticut came out this morning. The principal ... told me that she didn't request the police presence. You guys just came by to be sure everything was ok. I feel a great sense of gratitude for the sensitivity the police department has shown after such an unthinkable tragedy. It calmed my nerves and increased my trust in the department. Though I know ultimately no one can prevent such insanity from happening to us there in Arcadia, I certainly feel very cared for and safe because my police department cares enough to come over to check on us. Thank you so much!!!"

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