Where is Arcadia's Chicago Park?

If you are ever listening to the police scanner and hear an Arcadia unit broadcast a traffic stop, or make reference to "Chicago Park", you are not alone if you don't know where that is.  The light industrial area, east of Peck Road, that is home to the Arcadia Public Works Services Department, among other business locations, is known to the more tenured officers as "Chicago Park".

"...little known piece of history about Chicago Park, Arcadia...Actually, Chicago Park was just an outrageous, not viable real estate developer scheme. This proposed town lay almost entirely in the San Gabriel Riverbed. Periodic flooding changed the landscape and altered the river channel. And the land sat idle for decades...in 1957, Chicago Park was annexed to Arcadia..." (VillageProfile.com)  With land develoment and modernization/control of the San Gabriel River flow, the area is now home to numerous commercial and residential locations.

The Arcadia city border actually extends along the north side of the Peck Road Conservation Park, widening out in the "Chicago Park" area, and runs south, east of Cogswell Road.  The southern tip of Arcadia again widens and encompasses the Arcadia Reclamation Project and several commercial locations along Lower Azusa Road.

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