A Day on Patrol with Your Local Police or Sheriff

A Day on Patrol with Your Local Police or Sheriff – Arcadia PD to Participate in Global Tweet-a-thon

The Arcadia Police Department is participating in a Global Tweet-a-thon. What is it like to patrol the streets of Arcadia on a Friday morning or evening? What types of calls do Arcadia officers respond to? In an effort to give Arcadia residents a glimpse inside the way officers work to keep our community safe, the Arcadia Police Department will participate in the Global Police Tweet-a-thon on Friday, March 22nd, 2013 between 8:00 a.m. and midnight. (Virtual ride-along)

Officers from the Arcadia Police Department will join more than 100 participating law enforcement agencies across six countries to take to Twitter in an effort to bring attention and understanding to the use of social media by law enforcement.

Agencies will tweet using the same hashtag, #poltwt, to create awareness about police work and law enforcement issues, as well as to promote the use of social media and transparency in law enforcement.

"We are excited to bring together police agencies around the world in this first of its kind social media event," said Lauri Stevens, founder of LAwS Communications and organizer of the Global Police Tweet-a-thon. "We hope it sends the message to non-law enforcement that their police officers are up to speed with social media and that they should use the channel to talk with police officers and to be stewards of public safety."

There are currently more than 100 agencies participating from the U.S., Canada, UK, Sweden, Iceland, and Australia. Any law enforcement agency can join the Tweet-a-thon and tweet during any portion of the 24-hour period. For a list of participating agencies, please visit https://twitter.com/ConnectedCOPS/police-tweet-a-thon-2013/members

For a Google map of participating police agencies, click HERE.  

"Locally, we hope to use the event as a virtual ride-along, giving the community a glimpse of the daily activity and a behind the scenes look at the typical day of a patrol officer; and, on a larger scale, we hope our participation continues to positively influence the rapidly growing acknowledgement, acceptance, and use of social media by other public safety agencies.” – Sergeant Tom Le Veque, Arcadia PD (@TRLeVeque)

Make sure to mark your calendars for Friday, March 22nd, 2013 and follow us @ArcadiaPD between 8:00 a.m. and midnight. If you don’t already use Twitter, sign up for free at https://twitter.com/ArcadiaPD.

Other local agencies participating include: @BurbankPD, @BeverlyHillsPD, @ALDLASD, @SCVSheriff, and @ILULASD.

Please be aware the number of Twitter messages generated in conjunction with the hashtag, #poltwt, for the Global Tweet-a-thon and from our agency, @ArcadiaPD, will be in excess of what may be considered a daily number of Twitter messages from @ArcadiaPD. Please take this into consideration should you have “push notifications” activated for our Twitter feed.

Your @ArcadiaPD hosts for the day will be Sergeants Tom Le Veque and Dan Crowther. Our Watch Commanders can be reached at 626-574-5156 or please engage with us on Twitter.

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