Purse Snatches from Parking Lots of Asian Markets

Arcadia PD has experienced several purse thefts between 12/16/14 and 2/25/15, occurring in the parking lots of Asian markets.

The purse theft victims have all been Asian females who have had their purses taken from the trunk area of their car or the front passenger’s seat. The suspect opens the passenger door and removes the victim’s purse before fleeing to an awaiting vehicle.

The suspects have all been Hispanic males of varying ages and descriptions. Please be aware of your surroundings. Always lock your car doors, even if you are sitting inside. Keep your purse and valuables out of view. Do not leave your purse on the car seat, on the car roof, or in an open trunk where it can be easily stolen.

* Call the police immediately and report any suspicious subjects or vehicles
* Obtain license plate and as much vehicle information as possible

Anyone with information on this or similar crimes is asked to call the Arcadia Police Department at 626-574-5150.  You can also submit crime tips and information via text, phone, or web to LA Regional Crime Stoppers, 800-222-TIPS (8477), or by clicking on the "Submit a Tip" button on the APD Blog side bar.

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