Passing of a Retired Pasadena PD Colleague and Father to APD Officer

Retired Captain Robert "Bob" Mulhall, Pasadena Police Department, passed away this past weekend. Bob was a long-time PPD member and spent the vast majority of his career in the PPD Air Operations Section. Bob was a pilot for PPD and served many San Gabriel Valley allied agencies in the Foothills Air Support Team (FAST), including Arcadia. Bob was a friend and colleague to many here at APD.

More importantly, Bob was the father of APD Officer Ryan Mulhall. Ryan has been with APD for over a decade, starting his career here as a Police Cadet and later being hired as a Police Officer. Ryan is now a Field Training Officer with APD.

The pictured PPD helicopter was dedicated to Bob back in 2009, with his initials. "RM", being used in the air ship call sign.

Rest easy Bob, you will be missed!

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