No DUI Campaign Visual Display

For the latter part of August and early, September, our Traffic Bureau participated in an end of summer, Labor Day, no DUI campaign. As part of the campaign, Jan's Towing supplied us with a vehicle, previously involved in a DUI collision, for display in the center median of Huntington Drive at Holly Avenue. The display was up for about 3 weeks. This particular car was involved in a DUI collision about four years ago in a local jurisdiction and is now owned by the tow company.

The location was chosen due to a high volume of daily traffic passing by, but moreover, its' proximity to Arcadia High School. With the end of summer comes the beginning of a new school year. APD hopes the campaign positively impacted the way our youth view DUI and influence their actions and choices through use of this visual display. It is through campaigns like this and other education efforts that we can help improve traffic safety and convince folks to NOT Drink and Drive!

Thank you to Jan's Towing for assisting with the display and continuing to be a community partner!

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