Arrest / Crime Trends - Third Row Seat Theft

This past week, we have had reports of at least four, third row seat thefts from SUV's.  The majority of these thefts have occurred in restaurant or shopping center parking lots, afternoon and evening hours.  It only takes seconds for a thief to break a window, enter the vehicle, and make off with the third row seat.  The seats are often then sold on the Internet, to salvage yards, and at flea markets.  If your third row seat is not bolted down to the floor of the SUV, here are some tips to help prevent this type of theft:

  • Park in visible, well-lighted areas
  • Back into the stall against a wall or tree, making access more difficult
  • If not in use, remove the third row seat and store it at home
  • Park in the garage or behind a gate, when possible
  • Use a cable or other lock to secure the seat when in the vehicle
  • Etch your VIN (vehicle identification number) on the seat frame
  • Report suspicious persons and vehicles. If you See Something, Say Something! 

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