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The Arcadia Police Department continues to be proactive in our efforts to combat package theft. We have made numerous theft arrests since we began placing GPS equipped bait packages throughout the City. Some of these theft arrests have lead to additional charges and investigations. This past Sunday morning, Officers were alerted to a package having been taken in the 500 block of Santa Rosa. Officers quickly located the suspects still driving in a nearby neighborhood. The suspects were stopped and detained without incident.

Not only was the stolen package found inside the suspect's vehicle, but Officers found numerous items of stolen mail, identification, a master key for mailboxes, and tools used to "fish" mail from a mailbox.

Timothy Thorne, a 38-year-old man from Las Vegas, Amanda Anderson, a 32-year-old female from Las Vegas, Alexis Anderson, an 18-year-old female from North Las Vegas, and Regina Rodriquez, a 33-year-old female also from Las Vegas, were all arrested on felony theft and identity theft charges. The four were booked at the Arcadia City Jail. Refer APD Case #18-0523

Always remember to report suspicious activity. If you See Something, Say Something!

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