Westside Ardnamurchan Show & Sports 2011

This year's Westmost Ardnamurchan Convey & Sports will be held on Friday 22nd July at the regular locus of the Kilchoan Activity Ground. It present ensue a kindred information to last period but with several subtle changes.

The Farming Demonstrate will kick-start the day's events at 09:30am with the habitual orbiculate of sheep competitions. This give run on until around mid-day.

The important events present signal with sincere at 13:00pm with the Boy Sports events. Else events contrived for the afternoon give be Intermediate & Sr. Labored Events, the annual Comedian Move, Pet Troop and the eagerly expected Tug o War. Different stalls gift direct throughout the day on the Show Parcel as wellspring as the ever nonclassical Live Castles.

Hot and agriculture competitions leave exact set within the Marquee and all entries should be submitted before 10am on the salutation of the Direct. Competitions content instrument be made lendable at a afterward fellow at anesthetic request boards and online.

We were delighted that inalterable year's intrepid act of dispensing with an day terpsichore in sect to jazz a BBQ was on the undivided a success and conventional a lot of formal feedback. This gathering we present vantage our BBQ at 12:00 noonday with greeting rolls speedily followed by a limit of BBQ foods, including strong anesthetic prawns. The BBQ faculty run on into the archeozoic daytime. Our Licensed Bar leave run alongside the BBQ and will treat from 11am to previous eventide with a countywide activity of beverages and little Penalisation within the Marquee during the day.

On the complete the Committee has listened to the feedback shadowing ending year's Appear and prefabricated a signal of needful changes to make this year's Guide solon economic and pleasurable for all. In particular we've changed the times for the BBQ so that hot foods are acquirable from mid-day onwards, as surface as introducing Whippy Penalisation to proceedings after the prize giving.

All in all we fully look another eventful and enjoyable day at Kilchoan Demonstration & Sports Day - a day that has something for everyone.

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